Well, let's imagine a common situation in a usual shop. A buyer comes to the store, walks around, touches things and opens fridges while choosing what to buy, collects everything in a shopping bag or a cart and goes to a cashier. A usual common process but who knows how many people have touched all these things before? How can you be sure that all of them are absolutely healthy and are not carriers of virus cells? The time has come to review the process of buying.How does the Paske system work?




A buyer comes to the store, fills his virtual shopping basket by scanning the barcodes of the products he/she likes and gets the purchase after paying for it - nothing complicated about. During this time an operator gets notifications and collects all the goods into a bag which then is being carried to the buyer. Any virtual basket from the archive can be used as a list of products at the next purchase in order to save time and prevent unplanned spendings. Nobody has touched the goods instead of the operator. After getting your purchase you can leave feedback by writing a review, leaving a complaint or a word of thanks to shop employees. In that way you may influence the shop functionality. Your review can be both hidden (available only to shopkeepers) or public (to all the Paske users). The process is simple, the result is impressive.

The store connects to the Paske system and is ready to receive customers in just 5 minutes. Install the app, register the store in the system, buy a subscription (the first month free and then it is 30 euro/m for using Paske without restrictions for one active operator's account. Value may slightly vary depending on the country.)

The administrative board is a tool for working with your shop operators. After shop verification only operators added through this tool are able to work. With the help of the board you can control the quantity of operators and observe their statistics and ratings. Because of the nature of our app we are the one who can give data about customer: where and how fast they walked around the salesroom, how much time they spent there. This enables to track the consumer demand, user-friendlier operator management, provides you with better analysis and reporting. We understand that the number of buyers varies during the day. Our app is designed in such a way that the operator functions can be performed by any shop employee without training. For example, from 9:00 to 12:00 on a weekday there are 4 operators at the shop. At peak, you can increase the operators number and add employees who were inactive before.

How to add the goods manually/automatically?

If after adding the goods to the basket there is no information about them, you need to add it by hand:

  1. Click the product card
  2. Click “Add info”
  3. Fill in all necessary fields
  4. Save information by clicking the “Save info” button

If you want to download the entire database at once, first you need to verify the store. Then:

  1. Enter Administrative board
  2. Go to Table tab
  3. Load Table
  4. Set the settings to read the table
  5. After reading the table, you can check the correctness of the loaded table through the app.
  6. Save the table