A usual trading process. At the same time a customer does not know who and how many times has touched the windows, a shopping basket or a cart before. In terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, the chance of bringing home the cells of that virus is high and uncalculated. But we have found the decision! With our app for contactless purchases people have a pleasant opportunity to spend time visiting their favorite shops and relax there without fear of getting or spreading the virus. The policy of our app is based on a client-focused approach:


All the clients can leave feedback. They write reviews, make proposals and comments and can directly connect to a shop representative. After getting the purchase you may leave a review for other customers to read or send a hidden review that will affect the vendor rating. In that way clients may choose only the best sellers according to comments of other buyers;


There is an opportunity to convey personal proposals to the client using his/her history of purchases, location, search queries, frequently purchased commodities and many other criteria. That function is based on the opportunity to collect and save some data about the actions of buyers: the time they spend at the shop, their favourite products and so on;


It is convenient for disabled people as they do not have to take out, fold or carry goods, for customers with a baby carriage and huge bags as all they need is just to scan barcodes of the goods they want to buy and take the bag with them;


With the help of saving the history of purchases function you can save your time and money during the next shopping, as there is no need to spend hours choosing something and you are protected from unplanned purchases (according to statistics the;‍

But the main thing about our app is its COVID-safety. An operator collects all the products on his or her own while you just choose them and take already packed bags with all the goods barcodes of which you have scanned. Your products, the refrigerator door or the shopping basket have been touched only by one person – an inspected shop operator (with a medical confirmation). Obviously our staff member is healthy and all the goods he/she takes directly from the storehouse where they had not been touched - the probability of virus spreading is significantly lower. So make no mistake in your safety as all the employees undergo a medical examination with getting a confirmation. You are not just protected from viruses and infections, but also cannot leave virus cells on the trading room surfaces. We have developed a system of contactless purchases for you and your safety. We have conducted a number of tests to make sure it is fully operational. So join us and rest assured you will not regret it.